Detect if someone is blocking Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager

These days the use of adblocking tools is growing fast. These tools aren’t always used only blocking the ads, also analytics software is blocked sometimes.

Browser extensions like Ghostery and uBlock are used to get rid of all those trackers. Why wouldn’t a non-marketer disable all the found tracking software? With a couple of clicks someone has disabled 2000 trackers.

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Track Hotjar in Google Analytics with GTM

Everyone who knows Hotjar, knows how excellent this tool is. In this blogpost I would like to explain how you could track Hotjar visitors in Google analytics using a custom dimension. There are a lot of reasons why you would like to do this. But the main reason is that it combines the best of both. Google Analytics extends Hotjar and vice versa with additional data for each visitor.

Every time a new visitor visits your website Hotjar sets a cookie called _hjUserId. Hotjar describes the function of this cookie as follows:

This cookie is set as soon as a user loads a page which contains the Hotjar code. The cookie contains a universally unique identifier (UUID) which allows Hotjar to track the same visitor across multiple pages and sessions.

Whooops, Hotjar has updated their script a bit. They are no longer storing this information in a cookie. We have to make a slight customization.

An example of an overview of Hotjar user id’s and their recordings. There could be multiple recordings for one user.

hotjar user ids

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Google Adwords dynamic prices with Ad params

It is possible in Google Adwords to update your ads with parameters. These parameters can contain numbers, valuta’s and more. Instead of updating your ads over and over again manually every time your stock or product prices are changing, you could automate this with an Adwords Script. This makes updating your ad copy child’s play.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to use words in your parameters (valuta signs like $ and € are allowed). Besides of that, you don’t lose historical data anymore and it’s no longer necessary to approve your ads by Google.

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Google Adwords Userscript + uitbreiding

Recent heeft Google weer een interface update uitgerold voor Google Adwords. De uitsluitingszoekwoorden en het zoektermen rapport worden hiermee makkelijker te benaderen. Een nadeel van de update is dat toegevoegde en uitgesloten zoekwoorden niet meer groen en rood zijn gearceerd. Het is nu minder overzichtelijk welke woorden wel of niet uitgesloten zijn.

Situatie na de interface update:

zoekwoord toevoegen 1

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Create an exit popup with the Google Tag Manager

These days when you are browsing the web, many websites are using popup boxes to turn you into a newsletter subscriber when you are leaving the page. There are many tools on the web who provide this conversion booster. An example is SumoMe.  Unless it’s free, they serve a link to their website.

In this blogpost I am going to explain how we could use the Google Tag Manager to show up a popup box for leaving visitors. Turning leaving visitors into newsletter subscribers is the goal of this blogpost.

Inspired by this blog post, i have created my own (extended) version. It also handles saving the posted data to the database. Maybe it is a bit complicated, but i have tried my best to keep it as simple possible.

An example of what we are going to build:


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Track the use of AdBlock in Google Analytics

As a publisher that is highly dependent on ad revenue, it is important to know how many people are blocking your ads with a browser extension as AdBlock. It it possible to track how many users are using this software in Google Analytics with some help from the Google Tag Manager.

The trick is loading some Html which is blocked by AdBlock. With some Javascript we detect if this Html is blocked whether or not.  I have used a solution that is mentioned on

First we have to create a new Custom Html tag. Inside it we have our fake Advertisement.

After this we include jQuery, and our script to dectect if our fake advertisement is shut down by determining the height of our div.

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Track outbound link clicks in Google maps

It is possible to track outbound links inside a Google maps map. Therefore it’s important you don’t use the embed functionality Google offers by default.  This creates an iframe with a Google maps map without your Google tag manager code.

A solution is loading Google Maps with the Google API loader. Here’s an example how to use it:

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5 Google Chrome extensions every marketer should have

In my daily workflow i’m using a lot of Google Chrome Extensions. They save me a lot of time in many ways. I will share them with you, hopefully they will do to you so.

Ayima Redirect Path

This brilliant SEO extension gives you all the insights you need at the redirect level. Install it here.

ayima redirect path

Clear Cache

These days every website and webshop uses browser cache. It’s very hard to test changes made without clearing the browser cache. This extension makes this a piece of cake. With one simple click every cache file will be deleted. Download it here.


Retrieving info about the used software, server, programming language etc. is really useful. Wappalyzer analyses every webpage, and gives you the answer about the software, server, programming language,  cache engine and more. Get it here.



All of the screenshots that i have made for this blog are made with this lovely Chrome extension. Without using an external image editing program, it becomes very easy to make a selection and add some text or arrows. Sending examples to your clients becomes very easy. It is available as Google Chrome extension but also as Mac and Windows application.


Retrieve info about trackers and tools that competitors are using. It is also useful for blocking unwanted third party tracking (in case of privacy concerns) and excluding yourself from your own website stats. Available for many browsers.

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