5 Google Chrome extensions every marketer should have

In my daily workflow i’m using a lot of Google Chrome Extensions. They save me a lot of time in many ways. I will share them with you, hopefully they will do to you so.

Ayima Redirect Path

This brilliant SEO extension gives you all the insights you need at the redirect level. Install it here.

ayima redirect path

Clear Cache

These days every website and webshop uses browser cache. It’s very hard to test changes made without clearing the browser cache. This extension makes this a piece of cake. With one simple click every cache file will be deleted. Download it here.


Retrieving info about the used software, server, programming language etc. is really useful. Wappalyzer analyses every webpage, and gives you the answer about the software, server, programming language,  cache engine and more. Get it here.



All of the screenshots that i have made for this blog are made with this lovely Chrome extension. Without using an external image editing program, it becomes very easy to make a selection and add some text or arrows. Sending examples to your clients becomes very easy. It is available as Google Chrome extension but also as Mac and Windows application.


Retrieve info about trackers and tools that competitors are using. It is also useful for blocking unwanted third party tracking (in case of privacy concerns) and excluding yourself from your own website stats. Available for many browsers.

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